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Isatis root natural indigo 青黛

Sore Throat Sprayed Herbal Powder Ingredients 3

Natural Indigo (Isatis Pigment)

in Smoker's Sore Throat Sprayed Herbal Powder
Other Names Natural Indigo (Isatis Pigment): Qing Dai, Ching-Tai, Isatis tinctoria, Indigofera suffruticosa, Indigo naturalis.

Used Part, Taste and Property: Natural blue pigment from Isatis plant; Salty and cold.

Common Use in Chinese Herbal Formulas: Detoxify, macula, papula, fever, bleeding. Used in Patent Formulas of Qing Jin San, Qing Dai Shi Gao Tang, Hou Feng San.

Main Chemical Components: Indican, indoxyl, indigo etc.