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Smoker's Option Smokeless Non-tobacco "Cigarettes" Testimonial 

A Letter from J. Cooper, Whitehouse, OH

August 10, 2005

To: Longherb Health Products, Inc., 307 E Washington Ave., Fairfield, IA 52556

Fax# 1-641-472-1387

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is J. Cooper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and I thought you might be interested in knowing my progress after having purchased a carton of your "Smokers' Option" cigarettes on this April. I have been successful in kicking my smoking habit for 4 months now and find it easier as each day passes. I will probably always want a cigarette but these cigarettes have made it much easier to quit. I have been off cigarettes since April 11th and have only had the aid of your cigarettes to accomplish this.

I've been wondering with all the help programs advertised on television each day, why are these non-cigarettes never mentioned. This product has been my pacifier during a round of golf, having cocktails, talking on the phone and my crutch with morning coffee. It certainly has no calories as most other substitutes so that is another great plus. If you light it accidentally, you don't need to feel guilty as you have not put any nicotine or other toxins in your body. I think this product has been the only reason I have been able to quit this long. I didn't even want to try gum or patches as I would have to wean myself off these also, and most of these products had more nicotine, etc., than my light cigarettes had. I knew cold turkey was the only way for me! Your product gave me that chance.

I live in the Toledo area and also wondered if you may have gotten a few other orders from this area. Many of my friends have asked about the cigarettes as they watch me "smoking" without actually smoking. I have directed them to your web site in hopes that they too will give it a try. I have strongly recommended "Smokers' Option" to a number of unfortunate cancer victims who have waited too long to quit and hopefully, your product is helping them alleviate some of the cravings and discomfort.

I really believe this product needs to be advertised more. It is a great aid in one of the hardest battles I have fought. I don't know how long I will use this "crutch" but so what, it can't hurt me and mild menthol flavor is also refreshing. Thanks for the help! Hopefully, I never start this terrible habit again!!!!

J. Cooper, Whitehouse, OH 43571

P. S. I smoked for 40 years and had quit once before for 29 days.

Another testimonial email from L. Carlson, Jamestown, Rhode Island.