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borneol Ping-Pien 冰片

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in Smoker' Sore Throat Sprayed Herbal Powder
Other Names of Borneol: Bingpien, Ping-Pien, Dryobalanops aromatica, Borneolum.

Used Part, Taste and Property: Crystal, a crystalline organic compound obtained synthetically or from natural plants; Pungent, bitter, slightly cold.

Common Use in Chinese Herbal Formulas: Loss of consciousness and convulsions due to high fever, pharyngitis, tonsilitis, laryngitis, stomatitis. Used in Patent Formulas of Bing Peng San, An Gong Niu Huang Wan.

Main Chemical Components: Borneol, humulene, elemene, asiatic acid, caryophyllene, dipterocarpol, hydroxydammarenone, dryobalanone, erythrodiol, etc.