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Chrysanthemum 菊花

Stop Smoking Herb 3

Chrysanthemum Flower

in Smoker's Herbal Aroma inhaler
Other Names of Chrysanthemum Flower: Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat., Flos Chrysanthemi, Ju Hua, Chu-hua.

Used Part , Taste and Property: Flower-head; From a familiar garden flower; Pungent, bitter and sweet, cool; non-toxic.

Common Use in Chinese Herbal Formulas: Common cold or flu due to heat with fever, headache; Blood-shot eyes; Hypertension. Used in Patent Formulas of Sang Ju Yin, Qi Ju Di Huang Wan and this herbal quitting formula.

Main Chemical Components: Essential oil (camphene, camphor, carvone, chrysanthenone), pigment (chrysanthemin, chrysanthemaxanthin), adenine, choline, Vit B1, Carotene, etc.