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coptis 黄莲

Sore Throat Sprayed Herbal Powder Ingredients 1

Coptis Root (Chinese Goldenseal

in Smoker' Sore Throat Sprayed Herbal Powder
Other Names of Coptis Root: Huang Lien, Chinese goldenseal, Coptis Chinese, Rhizoma coptis, Coptis deltoidea, Coptis teetoides.

Used Part, Taste and Property: Root and rhizome; Bitter and cold.

Common Use in Chinese Herbal Formulas: Anti-toxin, diarrhea or dysentery, infections. Used in Patent Formulas of Huang Lien Jie Du Pien, Huang Lien Tang, Hou Feng San.

Main Chemical Components: Berberine, coptisine, columbamine, obakunone, palmatine, worenine, magnoflorine, ferulic acid etc.