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Golden Herbal Lozenges Golden Herbal Lozenges

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Patent Chinese Herbal Formula 金嗓子喉片

Golden Smoker's Herbal Lozenges

Package: 12 large lozenges. One box contains 2 blister packs, each pack contains 6 large pieces of herbal lozenges. Each piece may last about 15 minutes.

Ingredients: Buddha's Fruit (arhat fruit, Luo Han Gua) 1.7 mg, Honeysuckle Flower (Jin Yin Hua) 16 mg, Tangerine peel (Ju Hong) 1.7 mg, Star Anise oil 0.18 mg, Eucalyptus oil 3 mg, Peppermint Oil 6 mg, sugar 2 g.

Direction: Adults and children 6 years older, take one lozenge, several times per day if necessary. Hold in mouth and let dissolve. Click for detail.

Golden Herbal Lozenges is formulated by Biological Prof. Wang Yaodong of Shanghai Huadong Normal University of China.

Throat and lungs disorders are very common for smokers. Golden Herbal Lozenges is made with Chinese White Olive, Buddha's Fruit, Menthol and other natural Chinese herbs on the theory of free radical. It has strong cleansing, detoxifying and smoothing effects for your throat and lungs.

Dissolve one Golden Lozenge in the mouth every 2 hours if necessary. Preferable after smoking or whenever you have the desire to smoke. You may not want a cigarette any more after you take a herbal lozenge. You will feel the effect right away! The lozenges should be completely dissolved in the month. For best results, don't chew it.

It is good for smokers and non-smokers both with throat disorder or horse voice, Itchy Throat and so on.

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