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Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches

Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches  buy Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches  Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches

Ingredients: Codonopsis pilosula (Dang Shen) 党参, Chrysanthemum flower 菊花, Cloves 丁香, Menthol 薄荷醇, Natural tobacco leaf (0.7%).

PackageSize 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2"); 5 patches in single wrapped foil bag, 6 bags per box, 30 patches in total, Houde Hanfang brand. (More package picture)

Directions: (Click to see more detail.)

1. Remove the protective paper, paste a patch on wrist or arm usually, or other cleaned upper inner parts of body, such as thigh, hip.

2. Supply one Anti-Smoke Patch on one hand per day, for 14 consecutive days. It may need longer for some smokers.

Houde Hanfang Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches adopt the Trans-Dermal (through skin) Therapy. The active ingredients can penetrate the skin and act at sensitive nervous system. It may recover the central nervous function which is destroyed by nicotine, and may stimulate the gustatory cells in mouth. Let the smokers feel insipid, smelly and disgusted when they are smoking, then help smokers abstaining from smoking. The active ingredients may also decompose nicotine and other unhealthy chemicals to diminish the uncomfortable or frustration feeling after quitting or cutting down on cigarettes.

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