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Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches

Ingredients: Codonopsis pilosula (Dang Shen) 党参, Chrysanthemum flower 菊花, Cloves 丁香, Menthol 薄荷醇, Natural tobacco leaf (All Chinese herbal natural contents, included 0.7% natural tobacco leaf).

Package: Size 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2"); 5 patches in single wrapped foil bag, 6 bags per box, 30 patches in total, Houde Hanfang brand.

Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches adopt the Trans-Dermal (through skin) Therapy. The active ingredients can penetrate the skin and act at sensitive nervous system. It may recover the central nervous function which is destroyed by nicotine, and may stimulate the gustatory cells in mouth. Let the smokers feel insipid, smelly and disgusted when they are smoking, then help smokers abstaining from smoking. The active ingredients may also decompose nicotine and other unhealthy chemicals to diminish the uncomfortable or frustration feeling after quitting or cutting down on cigarettes.

Directions: (See more detail below. Click to Print Out Instructions.)
1. Remove the protective paper, paste a patch on wrist or arm usually, or other cleaned upper inner parts of body, such as thigh, hip.
2. Supply one Anti-Smoke Patch on one hand per day, for 14 consecutive days. It may need longer for some smokers.


1. Remove the protective paper, paste a patch on wrist or arm usually, or other cleaned upper inner parts of body, such as thigh, hip. Switch around the location of the patch each day to reduce the chance of skin irritation.

anti-smoke herbal patches anti-smoke herbal patches

2. Supply one Anti-Smoke Patch on one hand per day, for 14 consecutive days. It may need longer for some smokers.

3. Due to individual difference, the numbers of patches and time to change a new patch are not the same. The following procedure is suggested for most smokers:

  • One patch on one hand of inner arm or wrist for 12-24 hours (Supply one in the morning and take off before bed time or next day morning) usually;
  • Do that for 3 days and change the dosage depending on result. You may use a patch a shorter time or change a new one in longer time and you may change the area from inner (with thinner skin) to outer arm or wrist if you have less desire to smoke;
  • Some heavy smokers may change patch more often, but one patch should be used for minimum of 4 hours at least.
  • For people having sensitive skin, it seems to be a little better using the patch on lower and/or outer arm than on areas (upper or inner arm) with thinner skin.
  • You can shower or bathe as usual, but avoid using perfumed soaps or skin lotions on the same area, which can make the skin oily and cause the patch to fall off.

Yes, it's hard to believe, but true. There is nothing to swallow, no needles. Just put one small patch on your hand once a day and you will quit or cut down on cigarettes smoked in 1-2 weeks.

Benefits for: People who want to quit smoking; People who want to reduce the numbers of cigarettes. People who want to smoke in public place; People who want to avoid Second-hand (Passive) smoking.


  1. Targeted therapy: Acting under the skin directly (part of the sensitive nervous system), it lowers the dependence to nicotine.
  2. Safety and without side effects: The active ingredients are extracted from natural tobacco leaf (only 0.7%) and Chinese herbs without any medicines, chemicals or other unhealthy contents.
  3. Two-ways regulation: The effective natural contents may reduce the intake of nicotine and decompose nicotine existed in the body at the same time.
  4. Convenience to use: Just simply stick a patch on hand.
CERTIFICATE of FDA Registration by IRC USA:

FDA US Agent, Certificate No. IRC-HD-1403

Hereby Certify That Hebei Houde Hanfang Medical Devices Co., LTD. Has Successfully Updated The FDA Registration FOR Owner/Operator Number: 10033948; Establishment Registration Number: 3008693666; FDA Medical Device Listing Number (MDL): D107316 –Foot Patch; Slimming Patch; D151082 –Absorbent Pad/Adhesives

Other Certificates: Chinese Government Certificate, Compliance Report from nqa, Russia Certificate.

Warning: Do not apply the stop smoking herbal patches to broken or irritated, sensitive skin. Do not apply the Anti-Smoke Patch when you exercise because sweating may cause skin rash under a patch. Dispose of the patches by folding it in half (sticky side is inside) and placing it into a plastic bag. Keep the patches out of reach of children and pets.

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