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Smoker's Option Smokeless Non-tobacco "Cigarettes" Testimonial 2

A e-Mail from L. Carlson, Jamestown, Rhode Island

From: L. Carlson

Date: Saturday, November 12, 2005 7:33 AM

To: stopsmok@stopsmokingherbs.com

Subject: With thanks

Thank you for your quick response to my order.

On 26 October I placed an order for 4 packs of your Smoker's Option smokeless cigarettes for my sister who was about to go to hospital for major surgery. Since she had been a heavy smoker for 30 years, we were all worried about how she would manage to spend a week in hospital without a cigarette. I explained the situation in my phone call to you and the "cigarettes" arrived as promised two days later. Most efficient. And the best news is that your "cigarettes" worked! My sister made it through the week with very little effort or discomfort and now says that she will probably never smoke again. What an accomplishment.

A side benefit was that she gave samples of Smoker's Option to the nurses and staff who noticed the "cigarette" and talked with her about their struggle in getting through a work day without a cigarette. Surprise and praise all around. (Your web site and email address are now being passed around Newport Hospital. I expect you will be hearing shortly from many people.)

As an aside, when I placed my order with you I also ordered a month's supply from another company on the web so that my sister would be able to compare products. It is 17 days later and that order from this company has still not arrived. Since there is no longer any reason to compare, I have canceled that order.

So, for providing an excellent product and superb customer service, I thank you.

Best regards,
L. Carlson
Jamestown, Rhode Island

Please feel free to cite this email as a hearty and unsolicited recommendation for your product and your company.

Another testimonial letter from J. Cooper, Whitehouse, OH 43571.

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Smoker's Option Cinnamon Cigarettes are just like real paper cigarettes but non-tobacco! smokers option smokeless cigarettes (Click for large photo of the Cig.); 20 king-size (85 mm) "cigarettes" in a hard pack.

Letter from J. Cooper, smoking for 40 years, who uses only Smoker's Option Menthol Non-tobacco Cigarettes and quits smoking! Click to review Letter from J. Cooper. Click to review E-mail from L. Carlson, Jamestown, Rhode Island. (We never asked to send this letter and email, guaranteed!)

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No tar, no CO, no nicotine, no tobacco! Fake cigarettes, inhale only, don't light up! One "cigarette" may last a few hours to one day and costs only ¢40 each!

WebMD Health News: Nicotine-Free 'Fake' Cigarettes May Help Smokers Quit (source: May 13, 2011


PACKAGES of Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes:

Similar to tobacco cigarettes, each package of Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes contains 20 pieces of "cigarettes", Cinnamon flavor. No matter you are ready or not ready to quit smoking yet, here is your solution if you want something in your mouth psychologically.

INGREDIENTS of Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes:

Filter material (material just like that used in a real cigarette filter), Cinnamon oil (very small amount for flavor only).

Smoker's Option is a rewarding, Smokeless, Non-tobacco cigarette alternative for situations where you can't, or choose Not to smoke. Do not light Smoker's Option, simply draw on it like a cigarette. There is no tar or nicotine, just a pleasing cinnamon taste. It looks and feels like a cigarette, but it contains: no tobacco, no tar, no nicotine. Just enjoyable flavor Cinnamon.

DIRECTIONS for Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes:

You don't light it. Just draw or inhale on a Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes like you would an usual cigarette to enjoy the great taste, without lighting up! Each "cigarette" may be inhaled again and again until no taste, it may last several hours up to 1-2 days. One "cigarette" may even last a week or longer if you just want a cigarette in your mouth or hand psychologically.

Use anywhere including "No Smoking" areas. Use it with Smoker's Herbal Aroma Nasal Inhaler if you want something in your mouth psychologically.

It may help you cut down on the cigarettes smoked daily even if you are not ready to quit yet.

BENEFITS: Why Smokeless? Are Smoked Herbal Cigarettes Safe?

It's very important to know that although many herbal cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine free, but they are NOT safe because they Do Contain TAR and CO (Carbon Monoxide), which cause hypoxemia (hypoxia) at lease, when you burn it.

This smokeless product, which consists of a menthol or cinnamon-flavored filter material - like that used in a cigarette filter - looks and feels like a cigarette, but contains no tobacco or nicotine, and does not burn. The smokers simply draw or inhale on Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cig. whenever they have the desire to smoke a cigarette.

With the increase in smoking restrictions, these Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cig. are perfect to accommodate smokers who are in smoke-free area such as libraries, airports or restaurants, at a Smoke-Away day, or visiting with friends who are non-smokers. It is a rewarding smokeless alternative for adults who enjoy cigarettes even if they want to quit.

TESTIMONIALS for these Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cig.: Click to review Letter from J. Cooper.

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